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When you are trying to swallow semen and you start laughing, so that it cums out of your nose.
I was sucking Bryan's dick the other day, but I thought of his large nipples as he came, so I ended up getting a nose job.
by DVJ November 25, 2012

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When someone gives a blowjob using their stoma (hole the doctors put in your throat if you smoke too much), so the semen goes down the trachea.
I almost died last night after giving Bryan a bloma.
by DVJ November 25, 2012

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When you are skull-fucking someone whose brain is intact and dig out cylindrical holes in their brain.
I gouged out Bryan's eye and then took some core samples. It was quite delightful scraping chunks of his brain off my dick.

I gave Bryan a pretty serious white matter infusion while taking a core sample.
by DVJ February 04, 2014

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When you stuff some cocaine up your dick hole before receiving a blowjob, so when you ejaculate, your semen will mix with the cocaine and make your partner high as you orgasm.
Bryan fed me some dusty semen this morning, but since I had a severe seizure afterwards, I don't get to remember that lovely experience.
by DVJ December 07, 2012

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When you fuck someone in another country and get HIV.
My poor friend Bryan went to Nigeria and got some foreign aid!
by DVJ August 11, 2016

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