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people who are pretending not to be Townies but who actually are.
Stupid Townies
NOT Matt Fletcher (he's a Townie)
by bob harris December 15, 2004
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Is Actually Some one that doesn't go around saying that Footballio's are hiding themselves from being townies, Unlike people like hmmmm ... bob harris ( AKA ) Toby Wood!

And have a life, and dont make websites about me cus they think im a townie ... If you think im a townie so much why dont u make a website about me?

" O fuck you hav "
Toby " Hey Matt You Still Hidding Yourself from being a townie ?"

Footballio " Fuck You jackass, you about as hard as my granmars left nipple "
by Matt Fletcher December 15, 2004
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Footballio is someone that plays football.
They are different from Townies, and are much more kewl.

I decided to make this new word and trend because people kept calling me a townie.

What to do to become a Footballio.

1.) Wear sporty clothes , I.E ... Nike, Le Coq Sportiff ( but don't wear it all gay like the townies.

2.) Strictly NO! carbrini or burbery, and nike shocks or Rock Ports.

3.) No putting football socks over ur trousers unless playing football.

4.) No hats at a 90 degrees on ur head, unless hair is spiked up nice at the front instead of flat.

5.)Prefer to wear astroterve trainers and other sporty trainers.

6.)Don't go round saying ' your moma '

7.) Don't start fights on people because they look at you, or cus they ask for directions.

8.) Don't refer to everything being cus you are black.

9.) like all differents type of music, including Blink 182!!!! ----> Usher.

10.) Does not go round saying "Ya mom" "Giz a fag G"

11.) Does not have 13yr old mom

12.) Does not shag there sister, or brother.

13.) Does not fuck dogs, or cats.

14.) Does not hang out behind toilets.

15.) Does not go up town looking for fights then wimping off cus my bro was there. :D

So follow these and you will become like me... anything to add,?? add it and help Us rebel from "Iz it cus im black townies"

PS: Make sure you have a hard brother to batter anyone that messes wit u.
Greb : "fuck off Matt, you Townie"
Footallio : "I'm not a townie, I'm a Footballio"
Greb : "Footballio??"
Footballio : "Yeah, so. just, just get out"
Greb : "Ahhhhhhhh mommy"
by Matt F!3TcH December 13, 2004
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