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I just heard of an inside branch called Insane GD in the pin at Alaska.
74 or ya hit da floor
by blazed February 08, 2005
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I Go Die: Nigerian Sang. Usualyy means something is so funny one might die laughing. Can be said with LWKMD (Laugh wan kill me die). Uber funny.
Micheal Blackston is so funny IGD!
by Adauzu August 12, 2010
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As a verb, the process of putting one's head up one's own ass while (or before) placing both feet in one's mouth. In short, self-beclowning to such an epic level that it has, until just now, defied definition.

As a noun, the proof that the usage of methamphetamines, the mindless reliance upon a thesaurus, and access to the Internet do not mix well.
"Donald Trump just totally IGDed himself at that last convention."
"Charlie Sheen has just committed to full-on IGD."
by Hikikomoridesuyo May 23, 2016
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v. Short version "ignored"

Alternate versions

v. "Ig" short for "ignore"
Dude I: Dude man I was texting my friend last night and we had a big conversation and he suddenly Ig'd me!

Dude II: Seriously? What a jerk!

Dude I: You said it!
by June 30, 2010
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