An acronym (unsprisingly pronounced "fohn") for the words "fuck outta here nigga". It is an extension of the shorter acronym FOH.

Used online and in messaging conversations to indicate one's incredulity, strong disagreement, or disappointment with someone else's statements or actions.
Person 1: Lonzo Ball is the greatest basketball player of all time
Person 2: Lmao fohn
by jep031 March 06, 2018
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a douche bag who breaks a pact with his bestfriend.
jake is such a fohn, he didnt tell his bestfriend when he got married to a mormon
by erin norris March 08, 2008
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(Pronounced like Phone) Acronym for Fuck Outta Here Nazi. Used in situations to oppose the organizing efforts of white supremacists and neo-nazi activities.
Time to run these FOHN motherfuckers off our streets!
by Gravynola September 04, 2017
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