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old spelling of sneeze. The initial f was confused with a funny long-s (ſ). People then thought the word was really ſneeze. The fact that the word was confused with neeze didn't help either.
Don't fneeze on me, mister.

The Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI believe that the entire Universe was in fact fneezed out of the nose of a being known as the Great Green Arkleseizure.
source modified from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Why does pepper always make me fneeze?

Why should we bless people who fneeze?
by Regulus Pistor February 14, 2014
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a pleasant word one arrives at when searching through the fn words, looking for one not concerned with pooing
Catherine was determined to discover a fn word that had absolutely nothing to do with pooing. As she clicked on fneeze, she jumped up and high-fived Bobby, who then proceede to snart viciously. Catherine took this to be a commentary on her quest, and stuck a pencil up his nose. Happily for her, he did not die, nor did the unfortunate aroma left by his snart. It filled the room and Catherine, being of a delicate disposition, passed out, her head filled with the possiblities of fneezing...
by bringe September 15, 2006
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