a phrase that will result in the loss of all your friends
"person 1: Hey i just got into the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom, wanna discuss the fnaf lore?

person 2: leave

person 1: huh?

person 2: OUT"
by Garfeldi July 29, 2021
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basically a unsolvable story changes our thoughts about the lore it self and a creepy and curious things about the animatronics and the characters and also a brain killing story and stuuffffffffffffffffff ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh finaly i am almost done ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fnaf lore
mat pat: i am finaly done with the fnaf lore

fnaf security breach: heres fnaaaaaf lore
by @stoopy February 21, 2022
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fnaf lore is the explanation of the popular game fnaf it i explained by matpat but that is too complicated so here is the fnaf lore in this one box purple man made some cool pizzaria wit robots that definitely don't bite (foreshadowing) bite of 87 blah blah blah reputation of the pizzaria is bad now so they nuke it fnaf 2 is fnaf 1 all over again another bite with another nightguard fnaf 3 so squilliom afton go get squished in suit and i now hunting stuff no sister location cuz im bored fnaf CuStOm nIgHt squilliom afton get burned in pizza place so now he get nightmare and security breach squilliom afton is back and will now hunt FriSk oR ThE cRyInG cHiLd OR ThE fBi
matpat: FnAf LoRe TiMe gUyS
almost everybody: another theory about gregory is frisk and the crying child at the same time

some nerd: DAT cool maN
by Blueberry1 April 12, 2022
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It is the lore or story of a popular video game called “Five nights at Freddy’s”. The game is known for having very complex a story.
The Fnaf lore is complicated.
by Fnaf lore man May 13, 2022
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Welcome to fnaf lore, where I will explain it in the quickest way possible


William afton and a guy make a cool place, youngest daughter of afton dies somehow and some son of his sees it, big brother who exists kills little brother (son from before) and william afton slaps children inculding a guys daugther (a guy from beginiing) the ghost of those children slap william and he goes dead for 30 years till rising again, big bro dies from his sister now ruling over the underground apparently, and he decides to destroy everything his father did, mr afton wakes up for the 20th time and burns with pupet, wire bear, clown, and grape. They all die exept for I always come back guy, who moves on to live underground with some woman caring for him.

I missed alot so son has nightmares, william goes to nevada (aka hell) and escapes to become a furry for the 240th time

Back to the point.

A kid beats the shit out of robots and afton and they all die the end!
I will go kms now!

I am glad you enjoyed my Fnaf lore in a nutshell
by _TheHUMANNNNNN June 7, 2023
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It pays for MatPat's rent
MatPat: i hate fnaf lore it's so complicated and it's ruining my life
also MatPat: fnaf lore gives me so much money
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