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1.A type of robot used for entertainment, demos, etc, and looks like a real living being also known as Audio-Animatronic in Walt Disney's term.

2.A robot used for shows at Disneyland, Chuck E.Cheese, Showbiz, and other various theme parks and restaurants.

3.What almost killed a guest in a theme park in the movie West World with Yul Brynner.
Oh my dear Lord the Animatronics will take over the world, help!
by phantom5 February 23, 2005
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The combination of Animation and Electronics made to scare the living shit out of people. A good example of an animatronic would be the children's favourite character, Chuck E cheese. Who personally scares the terd right out of me!
Let's play Five Nights At Freddies and see the animatronics!!
by Anonymous­čÉ┤ June 15, 2018
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