fucked me over
when screwing someone over, letting them down, allowing them them to have to deal with the problem themselves, not caring about what happens to them
you didn't do your part of the project, you just fmo over, man
by originalgangstaa January 17, 2017
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Fuck Me Over.

To be stunned/shocked/pissed off when something really bad (and very often ill-timed) happens.
Computer: "Microsoft Word just decided to delete you 20-page document and it's content."
Me: "FMO!"
by Dr.NoSoul(YesI'mAGinger) February 17, 2011
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OMG, bitch you are fmo right now?

Bitch, don't you dare! oh no you are fmo bitch!
by Steviesoup June 29, 2011
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FMO means freak me out and is usually used with OMG...it works best!!
omg, fmo he didnt!!
FMO u didnt!!
OMG FMO thts mingin!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Abna July 17, 2005
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