An abbreviation for "marshmallow fluff," a gooey white substance mainly used as a sandwich spread. Can also be used in place of marshmallows for baking purposes. Often made into a contraction with peanut butter as "fluffernutter," a combination of the two sandwich spreads on bread.
Hey, pass me that jar of fluff, Karen!
by aytheist April 16, 2004
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a safe alternative to the F word to be used around children, authority figures, and grandparents.
man, fluff this crap. i've completely had it....

that was so fluffed up!

i can't fluffing believe it!
by boaty26 January 13, 2010
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A word with a wide variety of meanings. It can be a noun, verb, or and adjective. It could be an insult or a compliment. It could mean cool, retarded, slow, smart, or anything else. To use the word fluff, you have to have a good imagination.
1) You're such a fluff. Shut up!
2) Wow, that' so fluff!
4) What the fluff?
by Kara. March 22, 2007
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stands for Fuckable, Lovable, Understanding, Friend, Forever...usually refers to 2 fuck buddies
I was hanging out with my FLUFF Ann last night and now I'm tired as hell.
by Johnny tats February 22, 2008
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