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Florlaine is an uncommon name. But," Florlaines" are nice and kind people. When a line is not straight she feel so weird.
( But I agree on that too.) They like going to professional schools. But she always remembers to have LOTS of fun with her friends and family. When she is bored, well ....... she is never bored, she finds something to do that is VERY FUN and plays it. When she sees her handsome crush she feels awkward but calm at the same time. She may not love her crush like others, but just likes her crush. I like to have a " Florlaine" in my life, she is a great friend. Even when she is old she looks young.
Friend: Hey Florlaine, how you doing!
Florlaine: Great, thanks for asking, you are a great friend.
Friend: Awwwwww, thanks you are a WONDERFUL friend!!!

20 years later

Old Floelaine: You are so nice.
Old Friend: You know, I do not like you.
Old Florlaine: What??!!??!!
Old Friend: Haaaaaa!! I LOVE you, silly.
Old Florlaine: OMG, you are such a trickester!
by maddimayboo December 20, 2017
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