Nervous perspiration caused by a fear of failure before an audience.
The applause had been deafening on her entrance, but after ten minutes the air was heavy with "flop sweat".
by Joseph T Hatfield March 7, 2005
The light and tiny beads of sweat that transfer from the back of a males scrotum to the skin of a female during sex, usually propelled by the energy of the sack flopping back and forth.
You could tell that the stain on her dress was less the usual culprit, and more flop sweat than anything else. The key was in the viscosity.
by Parr in Philly September 11, 2007
One of the many unpleasant COVID vaccine side-effects, which are often highly amplified after the requisite second dose.
So I hear you got the COVID vaccine, you lucky fucker.
Yeah, I did.
I bet you feel like superman now!
Maybe a little; I'm still recovering from the vaccine flop-sweat, night chills, headache, myalgia, arthralgia and diarrhea.
by YAWA January 23, 2021
The components of the second COVID vaccine, in addition to the mRNA spike protein fragment.
So, did the COVID vaccine hurt?
Well, the first one made my arm a bit sore; the second one was very different--I think they made it out of dump trucks, bowling balls and flop-sweat.
by YAWA January 23, 2021