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A group of people sleeping on the floor, for lack of suitable sleeping areas.

The next morning is characterized by sore backs and necks, poor quality of sleep, and at least two people hooking up.
We snuck 13 people into the hotel during the ski trip, the only way we could accomodate them was with a floorgy.
by JakeStar April 18, 2005
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Comes from 'floor orgy'. A floorgy is really only a gathering of friends/acquaintances sitting on the ground. A floorgy generally consists of atleast ten people, and the best ones usually have about twenty-five participants. Too onlookers, a floorgy is just a mass of bodies lying or sitting on top of eachother. Very much fun to be involved in. The downside is you can never tell when your head happens to be inadvertantly resting un a place which could be conceived as "wrong". Also, you can rarely identify the person to which the hand resting dangerously close to your nether regions belongs.
"Let's go outside and floorgy by the flagpole...and for God's sake keep the boys away from Aurelia this time!"
by loseresque July 22, 2005
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A floorgy is an event of slight sexual connotation, in which there is a floor, many soft objects, and many people involved. Generally this event involves covering the floor with things such as foam mattresses, topped with blankets and pillows. Then one must add the people, preferrably an even ratio of males to females, or biased based on the host's preferences. The attendees proceed to lay/spoon/fornicate (only if acceptable)in the giant pile of soft goodness.

A floorgy is a great way to enjoy the entertainment of something like a movie, with a large group of people. Then general closeness of people bypasses the possible awkwardness of displays of affection.

Floorgies may not be a good idea in a group of friends that aren't comfortable with eachother, or with homophobic people, so careful discretion when deciding to have a floorgy is required.
Ex 1) Marv, Stephie, Jason and Alyssa had a floorgy while watching 'The Bourne Identity.'

Ex 2) "Hey Mark, we should have floorgies at your house more often, they're super fun!" "Sure Ryan, let's invite many girls and have one right now!" "Super awesome!"
by Ryan R L August 20, 2007
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An orgy in which many or all members of a dorm floor engage in.
I heard the Rieber 7N floorgy was the best one at UCLA!
by Kooshbag November 30, 2005
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