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1. To have suddenly accelerated a motor vehicle, perhaps to evade police or armed pursuers. May be used as a substitution to "he burned rubber", "he put the pedal to the metal" or "he high-tailed it outta there."

2. A common cultural utterance used in lieu of a less common Greek proverb; "He who harvests the beets drinks first from the gourd." Often used to confuse nosy children who have heard others use the phrase "flirted" due to the similarity in phonology.
1. "The pigs saw that arm hangin' outta the trunk, man...he saw them turn on the blinkers and he floored it!"

2. "Why did you tip the waiter so much?"
"He was good and plus he totally flirted."
"What did you say, Mom?"
"I said he 'floored it', dear."
"Floored it? What does that mean?"
"He who harvests the beets...drinks first from the gourd."
by Lone Wulfe October 04, 2006
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