A way to smoke marijuana
1 - Make a flood bottle with a bowl on top (usually on the cap) and a hole somewhere in the bottom area of the bottle.
2 - Fill with water and plug hole.
3 - Place cap with packed bowl on.
4 - Light while letting water onto the ground from the hole in the bottom.(this pulls the flame and smoke down into the bottle.)
5 - Hit dat sht.
Butch Pulled 3 floods in a row, he saw a dragon on the roof and heard wolves growling at him.
Butch was fucked up.
by zanethebrave September 04, 2007
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The first man ever to challenge baseball's reserve clause.
Flood was one of the 1960s' finest center fielders.
by Diggity Monkeez April 05, 2005
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Combination of the words fart and blood. When a woman is on her period and farts, inadvertantly causing the release of a large amount of menstrual blood.
I have to run to the ladies room 'cause I just flooded.
by bowiesarea August 10, 2007
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The food eaten when you have a flu.
Do you have a recipe book for floods?
Yeah, flu foods
by Lucky_Icecube July 30, 2017
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(n.) a horrible annoying piece of shit caused by fay that gets in all of your friends' houses and destroys everything and makes alligators and fish in the street and makes it so you can't go to school, etc. In short, you just hate it; because you hate Fay and it is a by-product of Fay.

(adj.) Since the flood is hated so much, it is used as an adjective roughly equivalent to the British term "bloody" or "bleeding"
(n.) Damn that flood, there was an alligator in my nieghbor's car, and a fish in my bedroom-canal!

(adj.) You are a flooding idiot. You floody moron.
by Fay-Hater August 22, 2008
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When your mutha fucken landlord doesnt listen to your mutha fucken requests about your mutha fucken washing machine being mutha fucken broken and now you got a mutha fucken flood.
My mutha fucken washing machine is broken and my mutha fucken landlord hasn't fixed it and now I have a mutha fucken flood.
by Mutha Fucken Jones April 08, 2021
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When the girl is so horny she squirts everywhere in everything
The floods were so rapid
by Shameka w October 30, 2017
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