a complicated word designed by chemist to make us lowly common people feel stupid when we don't know what it means though it really means to fluff/ stir
i am going to flocculate this kool aid powder and make som super yummy watermelon flavored kool aid
by Ted Perry February 07, 2011
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the socially deviant act of fornication with multiple farm animals. Considered by some, an irredeemable sin as it transcends common bestiality.
Bernie: "Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Since my last confession, I have engaged in flocculation with three sheep, big time. But only once."
Padre: "My son, for you, you sick little bastard, there can be no salvation!"
by Herr Doktor Grauwolf January 19, 2009
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a potentially powerful leader, pending arrival in the United States, Pope Lucas the Flocculent accepts followers of every race and creed to His presence. Never to be confused with the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Lucas touts efficiency above all things. Pope Lucas the Flocculent is proficient in a German specialty performance known as the Kerzentrick.
Behold, His shining radiance, Pope Lucas the Flocculent, is among us!
by darwinthehedonist November 05, 2007
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