A derrogatory term for filipinos, means Fucking Little Island People, as some soldiers would call filipinos during world war two. The teenager of our days now use it as a name for filipinos, which is not right at all since they should be educated on the roots of that word.
WW2 Soldier - These fucking flips better hurry up and make their own weapons because we aint helping them make it.
by Kristoffer Barizo March 12, 2006
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Flip is a degrading racial slur for people of Filipino descent. It was used way back in the day to mean "Fucking Little Island People" The one`s who use it are just so stupid that they don`t know they`re own culture`s history. So please get it straight.
FLIP is degrading to Filipinos, but most are being stupid and calling themselves that.
by alysserr June 27, 2005
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acronym that stands for "Fuck Love I'm Pimpin"; anyone who's not ready for love yet, through with love, or just wants to chill and have fun without getting to serious in relationships

Johnny said he loves me but I can't deal with that right now, Im in F.L.I.P mode
Source: simona88, FL
by Monalisa April 03, 2007
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guy1:Fuck man, my teacher just gave me a detention for saying Fuck 100x over

guy2:dude,just say flip

guy1:good idea!! HEY TEACH!!! FLIP OFF WON'T YOU!!

teacher:i beg your pardon Jonathan??
by DontReallyNeedToKnow March 14, 2009
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1. Alternate to the words frig or fuck
2. To consume ecstacy
3. Give the finger to someone
1. My head flippin hurts!
2. Let's flip this weekend
3. I got flipped off!
by JKix May 20, 2005
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A cold, creamy drink made with eggs, sugar, citrus juice, and a spirit. It got it's name in Colonial times, when a hot flip iron was used to mull the ingredients in the drink.
I have not been to too many bars that are good at making a decent flip.
by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006
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