Originally a racial slur directed at Filipinos created by American Soldiers during WWII meaning "fucking little island people." However, many Filipinos today have come to use the term when referring to the word Filipino. Also, a recent ad campaign for a company in the Philippines changed the meaning to "Fine Looking Island People"
WWII Soldier: Damn! Where are those FLIPS? They were supposed to reinforce us an hour ago.
by DtodaAtodaEtodaB September 01, 2006
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acronym that stands for "Fuck Love I'm Pimpin"; anyone who's not ready for love yet, through with love, or just wants to chill and have fun without getting to serious in relationships
Johnny said he loves me but I can't deal with that right now, Im in F.L.I.P mode
by simona88 March 21, 2007
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originally a deragatory termed used for filipinos by US soldiers. FLIP = fucking little island people.
if you were a true filipino, you won't kep referring to yourself as "flip". but instead, call yourselves pinoy/pinay or spell out filipino. be proud of your culture.

by got_adobo? June 16, 2006
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A derrogatory term meaning "fucking little island people", usually used to insult those of Filipino ancestry.
I hate that fucking, flip!
by jay pimpizzle June 07, 2005
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another way of saying filipino.
a person from philippines.
native to mississauga, ON.
" you don't look cambodian, you a flip? "
by malibog.ako October 11, 2004
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a individual usually a female who is of loose origins and prefers polygamy and orgies
hey dont mess with her shes a flip.
nah i hit it once and flipped her
nah she aint nothin but a flip
by damaris June 23, 2007
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I just found a new connect. I got a half pound to flip by friday.
by Tree October 30, 2003
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