A little pest who likes to burst into your room while your doing homework, or playing on your phone. They like to hit you, then like a little bitch, they tell your parents when you hit back. In other words...they are annoying. They are so annoying they make you feel like banging your head against the wall so hard you lose all your brain cells.
You: *on your phone*

Younger sibling: *bursting into your room and runs up to you* Hey!

You: Go away.

Younger sibling: No! *Slaps*

You: *Slaps back*

Younger sibling: ....MOooOOoOoM *ugly sobs*

You: GODDAMNIT *bangs head against the wall*
by Crippled and depressed March 30, 2019
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A member of the ape species Annoyus Stupidus, this animal is treated by parents as god, and cannot make any mistakes (even though they do). They possess the evolutionary ability to shift all the blame to the Older Sibling. This means that whatever they do, whether it’s starting an argument, attempted murder, and the like, it’s your fault.
“But moooooooom, he started the fight!” “Shut up you stupid bitch! He’s the younger sibling, you should’ve known better!” “But he...” “I don’t give a shit who started what!”
by Lifefuckingsucks January 15, 2018
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When you get a younger sibling, you have a 90% chance of the devil swapping it out with one of its minions. The other 10% of babies passed the devil's vibe check and was able to stay. These few specimens are the rare case of a well-behaved kid. If you have one, consider yourself lucky.
Kate: I have a younger sibling now!
Amy: so do I!
Kate: wtf you are my younger sibling
Amy: *sweats nervously*

Kate: The hell?! Mom! The baby's sweating, and its flooding the kitchen!
by Tired. Just. Tired. January 25, 2020
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A phenomenon in which parents allow their younger children to participate in certain activities that they did not allow their older children to participate in when they were that age.
This is an example of Younger Sibling Privilege: When Johnny turned 16, his parents told him he could not work toward earning a drivers license. When his younger brother, Timmy turned 16, his parents registered him for driving school.
by Stepman December 24, 2019
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The younger sibiling shall always embarass the older sibiling and must also rat on them and tell their friends about the older sibilings secrets.
Younger brother to older brothers freinds: did you know that he has wet his bed 10 times this month? I'm required to tell you acorrding to the younger sibiling code.
The younger sibling code: the youngest sibling shot always embarrass the older sibling and must also rat on them and tell their friends about the older siblings secrets
by Bunyguy202 November 21, 2016
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