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Short for "Flaming Eagle", the fleagle is a sexual technique in which the nose is doused in hot sauce before performing cunnilingus (or anallingus).
"Oh my god girl, it was so hot last night!"

"Really!? What'd he do?"

"He gave me a fleagle."

"Damn. That is hot."
by League of Lushes December 15, 2006
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One who can see past the day to day BS and look towards and act upon the reason we exist - to interact and enjoy ourselves.

A person unwilling to label him/herself by his/her corporation or profession as their sole identity.

One who is willing to be brutally honest.
There are two types of people in this world (1) Corporate Humps and (2) Fleagles. Which one are you ?
by Fleagle March 02, 2005
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Any person that can sit around all day and do nothing at work except cruise the internet and write emails. Usually works for some government agency
Why is my inbox full again? Must be fleagle.
by buzzard nuts March 01, 2005
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A person who intentionally misrepresents him- or herself to others, or who purports to be something he or she couldn't possibly be.
What a fleagle that kid is: he actually expects us to believe he's a real vampire.
by Pointy August 11, 2006
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