What occurs the next day after eating super hot food like 5 star tai food, habenearo pizza, etc.

What happens? You'll be sitting on the toilet, squeezing out a loaf, and you will begin to experience a excruciatingly painful burning sensation on the lining of your sphinkter. It feels like you are crapping fresh jalepenos. This pain (i.e. flaming ass) will last for at least an hour, and you'll be dreading the next time you have to take a shit.
Don't 5 star your pad tai, you'll get flaming ass!
by asswip'e October 7, 2007
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When ones asshole swells up like a cajun potato after a firey hit meal
Ciaran:Them spicy sausages gave me a spicy anus
Mark:Me too my ass is like a cajun potato
Ian:You boys have a case of flaming ass syndrome
by Brrgaaah July 25, 2014
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A derivative of fart lighting in which the anal methane is used to launch an object. Originated in the rain forrests of Peru, where the indeginous people launch poinson darts from their asses to kill monkeys.
My flaming ass launch just broke the neighbor's window!
by squirrelmaster5.0 June 16, 2003
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A guy who is a giant flamer, is an ass to guys and girls alike, and who is also scared to do anything. It is also a good word to use when you really want to degrade someone after they said something bad about your mom, or other relative.
by Bamph March 25, 2009
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Used in refrence to the annoying pieces of human waste that you get lodged or stuck to you after eating spicy food and then having an attack of the backdoor trots which then these pieces of waste burn and annoy you to no end.
Ex...Male 1: Oh fuck dude I have the worst flaming ass monkeys from that taco place ever.
Male 2: I know that sucks so bad.
by Kayleb July 25, 2005
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a very flamboyant homosexual that frequently runs through more mens assholes then a jocky runs laps during preakness.
TABBY: dude, did you see that guy wearing a skirt and rainbow suspenders?

BRYAN: yea he is a flaming ass jocky
by bryan sheets December 14, 2007
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A watery discharge from the ass that leaves the hole burning
usually after a night out or a big meal
I did the biggest Flaming Ass Piss after our night out last night.
by fap123 January 13, 2010
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