(v) The act of pulling another person's pants down.
My brother got in-school suspension after flagging a girl in gym.
by PenguinPants November 01, 2004
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whilst climbing, this is the act of throwing a leg to a certain position that gives you more balance or allows you to reach an otherwise unreachable hold.
By flagging his right leg, Tristan was able to reach the final hold on the route.
by CooCooCoo February 02, 2006
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When you have been on a massive bender and feel like utter garbage the next day.
When he came home he was proper flagging
by HelpfulUrbanator October 26, 2017
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To insert a flag with pole or handle into someone's anus while singing your countries anthem.
Last night , I flagging my spouse in bed.
by TrixieTheKat November 20, 2019
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In the game type Capture the Flag, the act of moving towards your own base as fast as possible, usually involving ignoring enemies on the way, thus putting yourself at risk. First used by the Call of Duty 2 and 4 clan, 1337.
Zach: Woah! How did you score the flag so quickly?
Derek: I pulled out my pistol, ignored all the enemies, and started flagging back to our base.
by Derek Money November 06, 2007
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the act of taking any item into the restroom with you. i.e: book,laptop,phone,handheld game,Pokemon cards,food,dogs and cats,notebooks,briefcases.
She knew she would be in the bathroom for a long time,so she pondered flagging her laptop so she could surf the web while she took a crap.
by LL87 April 01, 2009
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When a young man or woman wastes a large amount of their time and youth doing nothing at all.
That nigga Jepthe is flagging like a motherfucker.

Them Nigtendo booz ass niggas are seriously flagging with all that porn they watch.

How are you gonna flag your life away with three hour jack off sessions? It just ain't right.

You know jacking off while a another guy is a two feet from you asleep then wakes up to you jacking off is seriously flagging bro.
by boozec November 07, 2009
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