A sarcastic way to avoid a conversation that you don’t want to have
Person 1: Hey, what’d you get on the test?
Person 2: Your grandmother’s titties
Person 1: Damn..
by Silograndma December 9, 2017
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Complete disbelief at your lack of situational awareness.
"Oh my God, do you know where you are? Use the handrail on the escalator. Is your grandmother Japanese?"
by JormanThoad December 1, 2020
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People who don't know the definition get pretty freaked out when you use it. Tis funny.
What's up?
Bathing your grandmother.
Oh, what about?
The strangest thing happened today! I just had to write about it!

I am bathing your grandmother right now.
... no. Stop. Please. Why did you even bother telling me this?! I never asked to know! meh.
(This person may or may not have known that bathing your grandmother means blogging)
by Welcome to Ohio September 20, 2009
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Is a phrase to describe the vile stench of a specific odour which comes from expired processed foods, such as old potato chips. This phrase could also be used to describe a mushy and slightly moist substance. Specifically if a strand of hair is present within the mushy and moist substance.
"Hey Chris! have a whiff of these chips I bought from the vending machine!"
"WTF! That smells like Your Grandmothers Maggot Cheese"
"talk about gross!"

*Eating Lunch
"Eww! I found a hair in my food!"
"Wow! talk about Your Grandmothers Maggot Cheese"
by Meistro69 March 6, 2014
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