a loose enjoyable pussy there for you to eat out and get caught in your teeth
hmmm that shit was good when i flabby knocker my grandma
by ihammai June 12, 2009
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A vagina that has experienced too much lovin', therefore it's inner lips have become oversized and flabby.
Charlotte Page has got a very Flabby Gash!
by Joee Brownn August 03, 2010
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a large angry looking vagina, usually sported by girls of a chubbier persuasion
wow dave, you should of seen her flabby growler. it was enough to scare some local kids away
by introboy January 30, 2008
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An absurdly loose or old pussy of an obese woman.
"Dude, i got so drunk last night, and ended up doing this chick, she had such a flabby patty!"
by ScruffMcGruff666 June 08, 2009
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Yarding anal beads out in a quick jerking motion like starting a chainsaw.
Gave her the ole' flabby chainsaw last night and she damn near cried after she reckoned
by Chainsawer August 29, 2016
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When a guy is hooking up with a very fat girl, and instead of fucking her pussy, he fucks her fat rolls.
Sam I can't believed you gave that girl a flabby taco, you are a bad ass.
by Dr. Rubin December 23, 2010
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