Australian definition: Something that promised excitement but instead was a disappointment.
That fire cracker was a real fizzer.
by joe_king October 12, 2011
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The - usually derogatory, although some fetishes are said to exist - term for a female, or the genitalia thereof, suffering from such a heavy yeast infection that upon ejaculation, the sugar content of semen causes a fizzing effect.
"So how was the party? I heard you and some blonde had chemistry?"
"I'll say. I was so drunk I didn't know she was a fizzer until it was too late."
by Urgomanic May 23, 2010
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The 7-11 version of the morning after pill in which a young, promiscuous girl attempts to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy after a sex session sans protection by purchasing a bottle of soda, vigorously shaking said bottle, and then deftly inserting the bottle's opening into the vagina so as to create a soda geyser, meant to flush out any rogue sperm.
After Suzy's escapades in the back seat of Jim's volkswagen, she demanded that he drive her to the store so that she might purchase a fizzer kit
by Emily Rogers November 22, 2004
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Yamaha's FZR line of motorcycles.
FZR600Rs are the best
Greg's bike is sweet, hes got that '96 fizzer
by The Greg June 18, 2004
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a person who drinks loads,or all the time
are you having a fizzer tonight
by dai donk July 22, 2006
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When you pee but also release a fart that lasts the full extension of peeing time.
Man, I just took a fizzer. Aren't you impressed?
by the GOC's March 28, 2016
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light-hearted expression of discontent.
a potentially embarrassing blunder but not one of serious consequence.

" I stubbed my toe, what a fizzer!"

"I've lost my keys, that's a fizzer"
by Edwara February 18, 2009
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