Some one who does high fives, as well as low fives.
Dude Josh is such an ambi-fiver.

by djdc01 June 2, 2007
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A short male, roughly five foot, five inches tall, who bears a brawny facade and tough image to make up for his lack of personality and inability to communicate.

Typicaly found at a bar scene, a five fiver is usually atemting to pick up any woman that he can.

Tony Danza, Richard Simmons, Audie Murphy, Sisqó, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Cory Feldman, Verne Troyer standing on Gary Colemans shoulders
by HLJ August 9, 2006
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a very fat person
look over there at that aisle fiver! they look like they gonna break the chair!
by krys March 5, 2004
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term describing six loose cans of lager, bought for £6 (or 75p per can). In London small off-licenses and all night bottle stores provide beer at this knock down price. Applies to most lagers inc. Stella and Kronenberg (my favourite) but sadly not Bud, which costs a bit more.
Getting six for a fiver from a small off license suprisingly works out cheaper than most supermarkets 'cos the cans are 500ml and not the pissy 440ml the supermarkets offer!
Who's turn is it to go to the shop?

(everybody at the session says they've alreadly been, until somebody finally gives in and agrees to go)

Get me six-for-a-fiver, a bag of kettle chips and some chocolate!
by Katherine23 April 12, 2006
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At the end of a long story you now realise was really boring, you should always end that story with "...and then I found a fiver."
I was gonna eat some cheese. Then I realised I didn't want any and had some yoghurt instead...and then I found a fiver
by Terry 87 November 18, 2010
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Receiving a hand job in lieu of your regular and predictable saturday night sex romp. This can go either way.
"...dang if i didn't have to work the late shift so i had to give Glenn a Saturday Night Fiver.....i need a new job......My wife's folks were over and instead of our usual saturday night fuckfest i had to take her to the right had disco for a Saturday Night Fiver.
by MADELINEB January 29, 2008
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verb. Delicate process involving the cheese packet from Shells and Cheese, a female's vagina, and her male companion's mouth. The female squirts the cheese into her vagina and then upon the request of her male companion she queef's the cheese into his mouth. He then proceeds to try and whistle the cheese into his female partner's mouth. Created in 1965 on a brisk winter's evening in Montreal, Canada.
Before my girlfriend made dinner she asked if I was interested in a whistling sixty-fiver.
by JTrick October 29, 2009
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