The center part of a woman. Moist and seductive sometimes aggressive. Attention seeking and pluggable. It is used for fun and excercise. When used it must be washed afterwards. The appearance varies a lot, but usually it is enjoyable to watch a fitta perform its act. The sole purpose for the fitta is to squeeze, and to squeeze good. A fitta can never squeeze too much. However some fittas squeeze too little, making a big dissapointment to the user of the fitta. The user is then recommended to leave quietly. The goal for the fitta is to envelop things, so it can be scary at times. If you see a fitta, do not be afraid, aproach it with care and try to offer comfort to it, as it likes that very much.
Slicka nu den fittan för fan. = Lick that pussy damn you.

Jag vet inte om jag har knullat den fittan = I do not know if I have fucked that pussy

Jag vill inte rövknulla den fittan = I do not want to assfuck that pussy
by Martin De Wer November 19, 2010
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former name for a small Honda car used inappropriately in Sweden/Norway/Denmark and withdrawn in favor of Honda Jazz
Honda jazz was to be named Honda Fitta in Norway - "Small on the outside but large on the inside" was their slogan.
by heike1 April 08, 2008
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Dar man sticker in picken.
Han stoppade forsynt in picken i hennes enorma fitta.
by Bengt-Dennis February 17, 2005
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I am walking with my dog

jeg goknuller dente fitta mi
by Jørgen October 10, 2006
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An ebonics term that means the speaker is about to engage in an activity.
fitta take pictures.
(I am going to take pictures.)
by Ulfsark January 19, 2009
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"Do you have a fitta?"
"No I'm Female."
"Ok. =("
by Göran S February 06, 2006
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