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Noun: The collective name for a group of social justice warriors.
Look, another Embarrassment is protesting for socialism.
by Ulfsark June 09, 2018

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Any part of New Jersey that does -not- ascribe to its official nickname of "Garden State." It can be North Jersey, Central, or South. New Jersey is one of the country's largest producer of chemicals, and between Newark, Jersey City, and New York City across the river, New Jersey is without a doubt, dirty.
"Hey, where you from?"

"Dirty Jerzy!"
by Ulfsark March 16, 2010

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To smoke a cigarette
Hey, I'll be right back, gonna go outside and put a nail in my coffin.
by Ulfsark June 04, 2011

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Acronym: "What should I buy"
Used on Reddit and other forums as a subject header, asking for the opinion of others on what the author should buy to meet the criteria they put forth in the body of the message.
WSIB Looking for a game where i can build stuff, block by block, and fly in space ships.

You should buy Space Engineers.
by Ulfsark July 01, 2017

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An ebonics term that means the speaker is about to engage in an activity.
fitta take pictures.
(I am going to take pictures.)
by Ulfsark January 19, 2009

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Acronym for "Should I buy"

Used in forums like Reddit as a subject header to ask what is mentioned in the body of the message is worth buying.
SIB Magic Bullet blender/food processor?

Yes, you should buy it, its very handy and useful, without taking up much space.
by Ulfsark July 01, 2017

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