Similar to indeed, this word means nothing when used in common conversation.
by Coalfire February 09, 2004
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Used when someone tries to make a joke/funny statement/payout, when is isnt funny.

Is interchangable with the sarcastic "Orrrrrite"
Dane: "HAARR! that's what she said"

Harry: "Rightooo..."
by rbrabbit August 22, 2009
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It means yes okay, but in the main its use is restricted for the use of English posh people certainly when used as a sincere reply.
Liam said "We need to increase sales to 600k, when we get there talk to me again, I will think about it" Lily said "Righto" smiled and walked back into her office ready to increase sales.
by bartonscooter February 04, 2015
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Arrogant little piss ant who has ignored what has been said to him and obviously isn't mature or humane enough to actually listen and possibly digest what another is saying to them.

Thinks they're tough and cool when in fact they are just arrogant, rude and insolent.
When asked to clean and move you personal belongings and instead you decide to do nothing and are then told how dispicable you have been, you instead of doing the right thing, decide to say 'righto' . No regard for the kind of person you are being when this is the path you choose but don't you worry your pretty little head about it because let me tell you something, all good turns deserve another, you reap what you sow and karma is an absolutely awesome master.. so right-o back at ya.
by Tony right-o January 25, 2017
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Fuck you i don't give a fuck what u wanna say but i'll pretend i do.
I heard u liked me Ben.
Does that mean yes
It means righto bitch.
by joseph February 26, 2005
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