That man has being acting so pompus since he bought that BMW.
by erica75705 November 5, 2006
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The act of being a faggot ass bitch who likes to ride dick. A pompus asshole would usually leech off your money to buy a Big Mac at McDonalds and shove it far up his ass.
Zack: Hey Luis wanna hang out?
Luis: Can we stop by at McDonalds?
Zack: Pompus asshole..
by Bitchass nigga March 12, 2009
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A Pompus Montana pre-nounced= Pom-pis Mon-tanna is a well known phrase in underground UK to describe a large female character sometimes refered to as a (groqe) pre-nounced grok
Oscar- Yo check out the ankles on that GROQE!
Billy- Shit that is one Pompus Montana Muvvapuka!
Oscar- yeh billy that shit is tight
by Kiffkaffkuff April 8, 2006
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When an establishment type politician believes he/she is better than others and the rules dont apply to them.
After lecturing the audience on the dangers of greenhouse gasses, carbon footprints and global warming the Swampus Pompus former vice president flew away in a private jet to one of his five mansions.
by Gregaroidson. June 13, 2017
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An idiot who is snobby and likes to lick idiots assholes
Yo look at tha pompus idiot.He definitely licked an idiots asshole
by Yea bro u dumb April 11, 2019
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It's slang like calling someone a dork or a penis jokingly. Instead of Penis, it is pronounced Penus
You are such a pompus penus!
by cheragain420 October 22, 2008
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