The condom without lubricant.

Editions available:
-pepper rub (chili or mexicano)
-sandpaper (coarse grain for maximum feedback)

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(...but not really...)
by IKEA November 18, 2004
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putting IcyHot on your penis and inserting it in the vagina, causing a fire burning sensation for both sexual patterns.
i wish sarah was into freaky things I would firefuck the shit out of her
by Robert .W. September 13, 2012
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A bonfire that is meant to gather people so they can fuck. Must be four or more people. The purpose can also to be to "fool around" rather than fuck. An extreme example of a couples bonfire.
I am going Brennan's firefuck with Chelsea to mess around. bonfire group
by CartervilleBlonde March 27, 2013
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A slang term used to describe when one is using Mozilla Firefox in private browsing mode to view pornographic material. Thus they are using "Firefucks".
I could really use a good tug, I think I'll use Firefucks.
by The_Tugger November 29, 2011
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An add-on for mozilla firefox which allows the user to download an entire catalogue of small .mpeg files from an x-rated website and sort them all into the correct order, adjust them all to the same volume level, then play them sequentially, all with a single click so the user can keep one hand free for other things.
'I wonder if firefuck will be compatible with my python?
by clearfox March 5, 2009
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It is when u light your dick on fire with suncreen and then instert it into another man's anus
When me and bill got home last night we were firefucking
by stryker7502 September 7, 2014
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To coat a mans dick in gasoline, and proceed to light it on fire during sex.
Jake Russian firefucked Misha last night so hard she had to go to the hospital.
by Russian firefucker December 24, 2016
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