v. - An urgent, uncomfortable, sometimes painful, "hot" shit. This is usually the result of overindulgence or from eating spicy foods like Mexican, Thai, or Indian cuisine - or spicy buffalo wings. Tons and tons of toxic, spicy buffalo wings.

v. - To hurl a Molotov cocktail at another person, place, or thing.

v. - Slang, to throw something with force, usually in anger.
Larry: "Jesus Christ man, you were gone for 40 minutes!"
Ned: "Sorry, I had to firebomb a wicked lunker in the bathroom. It was awful."

News Reporter: According to residents, the Quick Stop Convenience store was firebombed at approximately 9:15pm.

Ned: "What happened?"
Larry: "You tell me man. I was up on the lift and that fucking old lady up on the 4th floor started firebombing hot clam chowder down on us like we weren't supposed to be there."
by SnacksCCM November 7, 2013
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A terrorist who gratuitiously kills innocent people by using an explosive that often results in deadly flames. Firebombers are often of the Islamic faith.
Man, im sick of those dam firebombers blownin people up and shit!!
Oh crap, I've been burnt to a crisp by a dam firebomber!
Those jerk off firebombers in Al Qaeda detonated explosives which resulted horrible conflagration.
by enigma11275E July 6, 2006
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An equal mixture of Jagermeister and Fireball Whiskey in a shot.
I'm thirsty, I'd like to order a Firebomb.
by Krwin May 10, 2017
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The act of purposely passing herpes during sex. May be used for revenge, sick practical jokes, or personal amusement.
Because Fred was very sick in the head, he amused himself by firebombing random hookers every weekend.
by drock161 July 31, 2011
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to purposely fuck someone with the intention of giving them herpes
I just firebombed that bitch! She's gonna need a lot of valtrex now.
by thatguy9 July 31, 2011
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v. Hot, violent defecation, often burning the anus. See also sinking the British Navy and napalming Vietnam
JR: Dude, no, you didn't. Not in my bathroom.

Mark: Haha, yeah man, just got done firebombing Japan.
by ispeakmetal November 4, 2006
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To throw an incendiary device, usually a Molotov cocktail, into your opps crib. Popularized lately by Detroit rapper Kasher Quon.
Me: I firebombed a niggas momma house because he beat me in bones last week.

Tyroil: that’s what’s up.
by Ohbigjoey12 September 13, 2022
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