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immmediately following ejaculation during oral sex, a man covers a womans mouth and punches her in the stomach, causing the ejaculate to be expelled through the nasal passage. it appears that she has magically transformed into a medieval beast. this is only to be performed by brave knights. (see also: smoking dragons breath)
"hey sean. what's that mess on the wall?" "oh that. last night i slayed a fire breathing dragon on the couch."
by sean_517 August 05, 2006

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to strike an individual with a sex toy, most often a large dildo, in order to cause pain or embarassement, often in retaliation for a previous act. dildo punches are most often planned and often executed with a degree of surprise. for maximum effect it is best to strike the individual in a crowded place.
"Martin totally cheated on that hand. You distract him and I'm gonna lay down a mad dildo punch."

"If that guy doesn't stop chewing his gum so loud I'm gonna dildo punch his ass!"
by sean_517 September 02, 2006

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to be severely intoxicated. one will appear more than simply "drunk" but must not display signs of being "loser pissed".

characteristics include; slurring of words, numbness of facial tissue, admission of intoxication, etc.
"Johnnie is so hammammered that he cut off his finger and grilled it. SAKE!!"
by sean_517 August 13, 2006

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