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A female that goes out with a man that is obviously gay to disguise his homosexuality.
Mike's girfriend is a such a fire blanket, because we all know he loves dick.
by aaron nolte November 19, 2007
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when a guy pours gasoline all over his penis and lights it on fire. then the chick gives him a blowjob, so she's the fire blanket.
"Laura gave Sean a fire blanket the other day. it was hot"
by m456 January 15, 2009
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When a person lays toilet paper down in the toilet before taking a dump to mute the 'plop' sound.
Hayley laid down a fire blanket because she didn't want this guy to hear her shit on the first date.
by FiremanSam August 13, 2013
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Whilst in the act of coitus, one farts an especially warm and wet fart under the sheets. One then traps your lover under the covers. Said lover may thrash around and yell, but lo, he or she is stuck... in the FIREBLANKET.
I fire blanketed my dog, and he died!

Get me a beer ho, or you are getting fireblanketed.

Excessive fireblanketing may lead to death.
by Justinite July 11, 2006
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