I got like two hundred an' twenny dollars in my account
by KingTT December 30, 2004
Form of Currency.
In England, a slang term for a twenty pound note (£20.00).
1. "That twenny's got my name on it."
2. "I lost twenny in a bet."
3. "She bought fags in bulk with her twenny."
by IceIceIceHockey March 23, 2004
Yoooo The kid that said 9 plus 10 is Twennie wan is the black Stephen Hawking
by Rasalgaul November 8, 2014
A term used in relation to a packet of Cigarettes ( usually Benson And Hedges)

possibly of North English origin
" Al 'ave Twenny Bennys please, squire"
by Noah_swann June 10, 2005
An 8th of Cannabis in England. Costing £20 unless you're from a shit place like Phetford where it's like £25.
Jayce: Alright Ben, you got a cheeky twenny spot in?
Ben: Yeah mate, come down whenever. Only 2 gram though mate.
Jayce: Get fucked then mate.
*Hangs Up*
by SkinUpADoob November 21, 2009
Spoof name for the music band “Twenty One Pilots
“Have you heard Twenny three pirates new album? Ah it sucksss”
by CodeGrack November 17, 2021
Something that chavs or chores frequently ask for.
Ere mate you got twenny pee fot bus?
Wot you walkin away for nob 'ed?
Don't ignore me dick 'ed!
by Luke February 24, 2005