The fetish/fantasy/lifestyle act of one person being submissive with their finances (giving money) and the other person taking or demanding finances(receiving money).
I took his money and gave him nothing in return like a real mistress of Financial Domination does.
by Mistress Claire Dollface February 12, 2017
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A term originally coined and a concept originally created by Princess Sierra also known as Bitchy Beauty.

Princess Sierra was a prodomme and in the late nineties she created financial domination online by first making an animated gif of money falling on her head. At this time the moneyslaves also known as paypigs would send small tributes, and there were endless moneyslaves.

Eventually this idea caught on and the next Money Domme would be the Eurasian Goddess, followed shortly thereafter by Princess Katana otherwise known as Cruel Beauty.
In financial domination a paypig or moneyslave has no worth outside of pleasing his Money Mistress.
by Financial Domination October 28, 2017
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