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Financial Domination (n)

(fi-nan-shuh -l dom-uh-ney-shuh)

A Domination/submissive fetish, whereby one party, the

submissive , gives another party, the Dominant , control

over his/her finances.
The submissive is referred to as a money slave and the

Dominant, if Female, is referred to as a FinDomme

Brief History:

Financial Domination was created in the 1990's by a group of

approxiamately 11 Women on yahoo back when yahoo allowed

individuals to create custom titled chat rooms.


( an exotic Mulatto Dominatrix from Michigan formerly known as

"Greedy Mistress Kim" aka "Hybrid Bunny")

coined the terms "wallet rape" and wallet rapist to

distinguish Herself from Her caucasian FinDomme Sisters when

most were using terms like money pig and atm pig .
The term FinDomme was actually given to the Women by the male

submissives that lovingly served them with cash tributes.

MissTriss now teaches Dominants and submissives on the

importance of financial literacy to bring some level of basic

financial education towards the art of Financial Domination.
She feels that it is Her shared responsibility to help Mentor

O/others who would like to participate in the Fetish without

(submissives) going bankrupt and (Dominants) foolishly wasting


She offers courses like, "I've got a Financial Slave , now


"Ut oh, I gave away My gas money!"

Please visit Her training sessions at
Financial Domination began when W/we were young and silly and now I have structured MissTriss' MatterMind Training© course to certify those interested in the art of how to do it properly.
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by MissTrissMatterMindTraing March 22, 2017
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The fetish/fantasy/lifestyle act of one person being submissive with their finances (giving money) and the other person taking or demanding finances(receiving money).
I took his money and gave him nothing in return like a real mistress of Financial Domination does.
by Mistress Claire Dollface February 12, 2017
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A term originally coined by Mistress Amelia Marx that became popular through research and use of the term in media and on the internet in the early 90's.

Financial Domination stemming from a fetish of financial slavery or to be Dominated in a financial way. Miss Marx found this to be a natural extension for any Professional Dominatrix who is already being paid for Fetish services, and began to exploit it with clients who shared her fetish.

She said that some of her clients were aroused as much by giving money to a Dominant woman, as they were by any fetishes they may have been coming to see her for. And, that she was indeed aroused from their financial worship. She began to study the nature of the fetish, or fetishes, behind financial arousal and put it to use in her lifestyle.

Today, her work has spawned an entire cult fetish, and type of Domination. Terms like moneypig, wallet rape, money slavery, and more all came from her early exploitation of this very real fetish with her clients.
Miss Marx noticed his instant erection as he handed her the money for their session, realizing his enjoyment of Financial Domination. This was a moneyslave.

The moneyslave enjoyed Financial Domination. There was no better high, for him, than taking care of his Mistress, and allowing her to own him so completely.
by atmslaveken October 16, 2009
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A term originally coined and a concept originally created by Princess Sierra also known as Bitchy Beauty.

Princess Sierra was a prodomme and in the late nineties she created financial domination online by first making an animated gif of money falling on her head. At this time the moneyslaves also known as paypigs would send small tributes, and there were endless moneyslaves.

Eventually this idea caught on and the next Money Domme would be the Eurasian Goddess, followed shortly thereafter by Princess Katana otherwise known as Cruel Beauty.
In financial domination a paypig or moneyslave has no worth outside of pleasing his Money Mistress.
by Financial Domination October 28, 2017
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