A show about a unique couple of FBI Agents who solve crimes of the unexplained. Possibly the best show ever created.
The X-Files was an awsome show, long live Mulder and Scully.
by Sarah December 10, 2003
A filing cabinet is formal term for a person that exhibits little to no intelligence, provided that they have a functioning brain. Many people mistakenly use terms like "stupid", "retarded" or "mentally handicapped" in place of such a word, but those words are reserved for people without a fully functioning brain.
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by thomasgreen June 10, 2013
Walten Files are amazing. If you say it isnt. I will hunt you down. (not really i just dont want the police to get me)
My brother: "the Walten Files scared me."
Me: Pussy. *mind* (that thing also scared the shit outta me)
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
The Walten files also known as TWF, is a analog horror series of "found footage" videos made by Martin Walls. It uses a 2D animated art style, similar to the Weirdcore aesthetic. If you want to watch the files, you better be prepared for some disturbing images! There are a lot of hidden secrets in the Walten files including the following: distorted backwards audio/audios, link/links, hidden text, bright and dark images containing other mysterious secrets to the plot and ect.
Me: "Hey have you seen the Walten files?"
Friend: "No-?"
Me: "You should check it out, It's similar to five nights at Freddy's ! :"
Friend: "Alright it looks cool, I'll update you tomorrow if i get to it !"
Me: *happy squealing*
by <3 _The child_ <3 August 20, 2021
A pioneering work of Science Fiction and one of the longest running TV series ever. It revolves around the lives and work of FBI agents Fox Mulder, a conspiracy theorist and believer in aliens, and Dana Scully, a non-practicing doctor who is often exasperated by Mulder's paranoia. The two agents are assigned to cases involving the unexplainable and the paranormal. Episodes have involved the whole gamut of plot themes, from Time Travel to Shapeshifting to Ancient Jewish Mysticism. Part of the show's allure is that the episodes rarely have what can be considered a "happy" ending, but one that does usually bring closure to that particular case.
by Taylor Esformes May 18, 2005
probably the best show ever made. Includes Fox Willaim Mulder and Dana Katherine Scully who over nine years, battle through paranormal unsolved cases and fall in love.
I love X-files because it is the best show ever.
by Insidesource November 7, 2005