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Me: Untim redd = Un-Tim reddit
A lot of people: *Confused*
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
Person 1: Hey i want some books to read what do you recommend?"
Person 2: "Fazbear frights books they are amazing!"
Person "Alright thanks dude."
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
really? Circus with the c and s off? Why. Were you trying to fucking so that one challenge with Circus Baby? Or did you just type it and the c and s just didnt go threw?
First =
You: "Im gonna do a gacha life/club video and do Circus baby. ill start with Circus." *types out ircu.*
Me: "You idiot 12 year old. Why??? just do fucking ircu ab you pussy."
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
An amazing gachatuber. Please go sub to them they are amazing. I mean you must like them because you looked it up so good for you.
Person 1: *looks up •Keirī Kuma• on urban dictionary.* "aww nothing came up."
Me: boom
Person 1: "Oh fuck yeah."
Person 2: mind = wtf
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
Walten Files are amazing. If you say it isnt. I will hunt you down. (not really i just dont want the police to get me)
My brother: "the Walten Files scared me."
Me: Pussy. *mind* (that thing also scared the shit outta me)
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
A name of a song you dipshit. What were you expecting?
You: *types BrooklynBloodPop"
Me: "You dumb dumb its a song what were you fucking looking for????"
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021