The Walten files also known as TWF, is a analog horror series of "found footage" videos made by Martin Walls. It uses a 2D animated art style, similar to the Weirdcore aesthetic. If you want to watch the files, you better be prepared for some disturbing images! There are a lot of hidden secrets in the Walten files including the following: distorted backwards audio/audios, link/links, hidden text, bright and dark images containing other mysterious secrets to the plot and ect.
Me: "Hey have you seen the Walten files?"
Friend: "No-?"
Me: "You should check it out, It's similar to five nights at Freddy's ! :"
Friend: "Alright it looks cool, I'll update you tomorrow if i get to it !"
Me: *happy squealing*
by <3 _The child_ <3 August 20, 2021
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Walten Files are amazing. If you say it isnt. I will hunt you down. (not really i just dont want the police to get me)
My brother: "the Walten Files scared me."
Me: Pussy. *mind* (that thing also scared the shit outta me)
by Whyam_Ihere June 11, 2021
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