1. A fine cigar of excellent calibur.
2. Me when i'm drunk.
pass me a fidel castro my good man
by fidel August 14, 2003
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the guy i claim to love at the top of my lungs everytime one of these gwalla gwallas tries to get fly with me here in miami, may he live forever just to piss off the trash he dumped on miami
"long live fidel castro"(most cubans will hear that and turn more colors than a bag of skittles,the older ones may go into cardiac arrest)
by castrosbestfriend August 11, 2008
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The world's best wrestler! He defeated Batista, fought off hundreds of one-on-one challengers (assassinations) and has ruled the American league for 40 years!

Plus he's a brutal dick-tator-(35,000 girls so far!) and should have been shot long before he got ill. Free Cuba (with every purchase of a Cuba of equal or greater value)!
Fidel Castro- ironically, his name means 'I castrate' in Spanish!
by Liakias April 04, 2009
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