The adjective form of fidelity; being loyal, faithful, and persistent to a task, show, or relationship.
Mark is a really fidel person. He hasn't look at that girl all day.

Sarah is a very loyal person. She is also looking for another fidel person to stay with her.
by whatsuppers April 12, 2015
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A BOY who is very cute. Gets girls all the time. Likes to cuss alot. Gets made fast. Is rich.
Fidel is very cute!
by 2356733i8 October 03, 2017
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(n) Cuban Cigar. Term originates from the President of Cuba, Fidel Castro.
Stash more cash than burnt Fidels.
by Keyshaw May 12, 2004
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To be semper fidelis. Describes one who is perfectly faithful, loyal, and true. Denotes one who renders righteousness with perfect fidelity. Term borne of the information war.
David is the Truest Gentleman I know; he's fidel af!
by Medicine Owl June 12, 2021
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Smexy man who has a bunch of hoes u cant contest, my hoes give me the double hand gawk gawk vacuum 3000.
Fidel very smexy man
by Fideru March 05, 2021
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underground bay area slang used to describe a type of person who is a complete douchebag and always talks out of their ass!
Fidel- " My boy has got a lamborghini he's so cool" Normal Person - " dude get the fuck off that guys dick you kiss his ass all the time thats why he pretends to be homeys with you just get over the fact that you will never be succesfull or own a lambo!"
by keepingitlitandkeepingitcutty December 20, 2011
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