Your favorite type of anime character not nessersarlly a real fettish also known as A.C.F
Guy one: Hey what's your acf(anime character fettish)
guy 2 : Red haired chicks
by RedHairedAnimeLover29 August 11, 2018
mrs.butthead has a failing fettish because she keeps failing me
by rebatable_student February 23, 2019
when your teacher likes to fail people for fun or enjoyment
yo this teacher must have a failing fettish i have a 32% average in her class
by rebatable_student February 23, 2019
Someone who's kisses shoulders (Emanuel)
"Emanuel has a shoulder fettish because he kissed my shoulder 3 times today in science"
by Mr. Floors March 2, 2017
When you are really horny or you wanna fuck a brick
Timmy has a fettish for fucking a brick with mustard as lubricant
by S10boi May 2, 2022