7 definitions by monkeyman1968

An emotional, predominantly female state of being characterized by overt displays of anger and emotion. Often associated with PMS.
I cmae home late last night with no good excuse. Man, did my girlfriend go bitchcakes
by monkeyman1968 July 18, 2012
a government worker who takes up horseback riding during a mandatory unpaid furlough
Its great to see Bob become quite the sequestrian during his unpaid time off.
by monkeyman1968 March 2, 2013
A less than ideal female sexual partner (generally a one night drunken hook-up) whose pussy is so nasty it carries with it the highest possible likelihood of catching a ginormous amount of crabs while simultaneously risking life and limb.
After eating the tequila worm I hooked up with Lisa and her deadliest snatch.
by monkeyman1968 June 11, 2014
The ritualistic shaving and removal of a young groom's hair prior to his wedding. The process not only saps whatever will he has left to resist but renders him symbolically ready to conform to the brides new world order. A cross between a hairbortion and Marine boot camp. The new "style" must be totally lacking in any resemblence to thr groom's former self yet instantly recognizable as pre-nuptually as to cast a further shadow of unattractiveness on said groom during the honeymoon. Generally consists of one stlye and one style only, known to stylist as " do what the bride wants".
Nice wedding haircut Tyler. Tomorrow must be the big day then?
by monkeyman1968 June 10, 2014
I thought these residentially challenged folks weren't allowed to panhandle on this corner.
by monkeyman1968 April 17, 2014
Being sexually attracted to Star Wars characters, especially Princess Leia when she wore the gold bikini in "The Return of the Jedi".
I have a total Boba Fettish for Princess Leia in the gold bikini
by monkeyman1968 September 1, 2012
froffer: the girl at the end of the designer coffee assembly line whose sole purpose is to produce frothed milk for your coffee drink.
The damn froffer forgot my name again but look at that head of foam.
by monkeyman1968 November 2, 2011