The amazing hair of My Chemical Romance guitarist, Ray Toro. Recently the Fro has been tamed and flattened significantly, to the extreme displeasure of the fans. The Chemicalists believe that the Fro will detatch from its host in an MCR apocalypse (note: We are joking people!)
"The fro looks like it's eating Ray's face in this picture."
by Shriek August 19, 2007
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Puffy growth of hair, intentional or otherwise.

See "afro"
Bills beard looks like a facial fro.
by skrilla February 15, 2003
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Froing (v.) - the act of moving or walking with a jarring or stumbling manner due to major impairment in one's motor skills / hand-eye coordination. Most often used for cannabis intoxication, but can also be transferred to alcohol intoxication due to similar clumsy movement.

Originating from the Old English "to and fro"
Primary use:
Dude, check him out! He's so blitzed he's already froing!

Secondary use:
He got that scar by getting plastered last year on 17 bottles of beer, started froing all over the house and finally tripped and hit his face on the heating radiator.
by Nazdravan February 24, 2009
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A slang term used to describe a Cigarette.
"yo! you got a fro?"
by SwitchB April 4, 2019
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Fuck Right Off
when fuck off just isnt enough
started using it in college when started getting told off for swearing
them "your momma....etc"

you "oh, go FRO"
by cg3886 December 2, 2010
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It's another expression which means some like "Go and get back" or "moving on and on" or "restless".
This song is awesome, it makes me sway to and fro.
by Luiz Fernando January 30, 2009
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A place to store personal possessions.
<em>Do you have a pen?</em>

<em>Yes, I think I do have a pen in my fro. Here you go.</em>

<em>Thank you. My, that fro sure comes in handy.</em>

<em>Yes, I store lots of things in it.</em>
by Alexsai April 28, 2006
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