An adjective which describes someone who is benificent; someone who throws a feast or celebration at the drop of a hat
"His Majesty King Cuthbert the Convivial, has hentrusted me with a herrand, a purse of gold and this 'ere shoe"

from: Cinderalla; Act 2 scene 3; by Stuart Ardern and Bob Heather. 1999.
by Sean Cranney November 18, 2007
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erm it means kind of a friendly atmosphere, probably associated with the word conversation or conversational
We spent many a convivial evening at the pub.
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The act of being convivial, to be friendly and agreeable and to meet with others for feasting, drinking and merry company.
The gregarious host loved to conviviate, and could bring any party to life with his natural verve and ebullience.
by Shemsie December 30, 2016
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When two people are polite and friendly towards each other but actually detest each other.
Are you nuts? That was just a case of convivial hatred. She will now make it her mission that none of that stuff gets implemented!
by cantorjohn November 26, 2010
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