She does not approve of her definition of Tishauna and really wants a mug from the Urban Dictionary of her name. She loves to do useless stuff and do her boring projects. She also loves public speaking and being in front of large crowds. She is very easy-going and is a great construction worker on her structure the "Petronas Towers". She is a great Prezi presenter and loves to laugh at her friends.
"I love being around my friend WANA!"
by SunnyD123 December 17, 2019
Wana is a girl that is drop dead gorgeous but everyone around her just don't notice.
A : "damn Wana lowkey cute tho"
B : "how come we just know bout this??.
by hyperuwu December 4, 2020
Wana substitutes for any word in the English dictionary.
Joe: Wana me right now lady.

Jill: Ok, I will fuck you harder than “the Rock.”

Joe: No, I mean give me money retard.
by Linkycat March 5, 2019
An alternative to saying want to, or wanna.
She wana come with me, do I take her?
by 6L4CK September 5, 2017
Short way of spelling or saying marijuana when you cant remember how to or are just to layzy to .
Hood bro 1: Yo, man, wanna smoke some 'Wana with me?

Hood bro 2: sure man!
by someone on the date of : April 17, 2019
Do you wana go watch some moves on Netflix?
by 15451545678 April 16, 2020
a guy who thinks it makes him a stud cus he puts it about a bit and girls laugh at him behind his back, but slappers sleep with cus hes ready! and so are they!
so hes kind of a wanna be pimp, but we aint buying that shit! he aint no REAL man!
OMG! look at *name* acting like a real jerk again, hahaha he thinks he looks good dont he, hes just a wana-pimp, the only thing that will take him is *name of slapper*
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005