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Ferking is a nautical term derived from the or pearl punishment of the chief / cook or ships mate who spoils the food being prepared. This could be buring the food, letting it go off or failing to ensure th Ferk (barrel lid) is securely fastened, so as to preserve the stored perishables for the voyage. Ferking is done like applied punishment, with the use of paddles and other instruments in both S&M today and in the discipline in olden days.

Today it's more commonly used as a less offensive alternative to Fucking (Forniction under the command of the King) as a derogatory swear word for implied sexul performance. In any case Ferking still replicates the expression of disappointment and disapproval of a person, situation.
You are Ferking terrible at cooking.

The Cook didn't put the Ferk on properly and the fruit has turned. He's getting a good Ferking for that.
by PhattGreg April 09, 2015
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