Little floating green ghouls with four fingers like family guy and no feet they eat your cheese.
Me: Hey Harold where did the cheese go?
Harold : Oh know the little green ghouls are the cheese I told you too lock the fridge you fool!
by E-d-en March 13, 2021
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insanely catchy song by the George Baker Selection, you may have heard it in the movie Reservoir Dogs
Released in 1969 it charted 21 in the Billboard top 100
Person 1: Hey what's that song in Reservoir Dogs when they're walkin' in the beginning?

Me: Little Green Bag.
by Dangercard July 14, 2009
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name of a weblog; also an intense concentration of harsh truths known to aggravate existing cases of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) and deepen delusional state amng people known by the term moonbat.
The moonbat's case of BDS was made worse by exposure to little green footballs
by exredtory January 10, 2005
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a website devoted to exposing Radical Islam's intent to convert the Western World to Islam. Other interests include but are not limited to Media bias, innaccuracies and falsehoods, the willing appeasement of Islam by the Left and the drivel espoused by modern academia.
MSMLLLmoonbatteryWard ChurchillReligion of Peace
by Bob-O March 03, 2005
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Neo-Con, post-9/11 weblog that is upfront and straight in its dealings with the mainstream media, Islamic fundamentalists and their liberal apologists.

Sometimes the posters (in the comments section) go to extremes but the same can be said for Daily Kos, Atrios, Indymedia etc on the other side of the argument.

Charles keeps a low profile and doesn't seem to overly comment on stories, he seems to prefer the posters to do the talking. Which is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid as some of the posters are as mad as a bag of badgers.
#48 bigel 3/19/2005 12:11:58 PM
From Charles' opening comments: Arab League states, who are still stuck in a quagmire of hatred and rejectionism. I believe that phrase just as accurately applies to Europe. Where do you think the Arabs got their psychotic, Nazi genocidal Jew-hatred from, anyway?
by Dave Ray March 21, 2005
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Political and whimsical, influential and controversial blog entirely designed and run by Charles Johnson. Famously flipped from center-right to center-left in the aftermath of the 2008 US elections, alienating many of its traditional readers and allies either in an attempt to maintain a rational, centrist outlook or else to remain patriotic and loyal to whichever party holds office.
I made a few death threats and my account got deleted, but I just read a comment by someone who thinks women should be able to abort their rape pregnancies, an actual child-killer, and his account is still there! Little Green Footballs sure ain't what I thought it was, I'm going back to NASCAR and the KKK.
by DeV100 January 16, 2011
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