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A name, loosely synonymous with "bitch," that men call women who seek power and control (i.e. traditionally "male" qualities) over their lives. A pejorative term for "feminist." Usually insinuates that a woman is breaching her "subordinate place" by attempting to put forth ideas and beliefs that are threatening to male social dominance and power, or are revealing of men's undeniable historical marginalization and oppression of women (i.e. if ever there were a Nazi dominion...).
What? Naomi Wolf says that women don't have true equality with men? That stupid feminazi bitch! She should shut up before they notice...

They didn't make my pizza right. They put edible flowers that look like tiny vaginas. Stupid feminazi dykes! Anchovies. I ordered anchovies! WTF man!!! Fucking feminazis are everywhere with their stupid feminin-ininity!! *Heart palpitation.*
by Kristi June 16, 2006

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Calling someone up to come over and get hanky panky and dirrrrty.
My roomate doesn't have a boyfriend, but last night she got a booty call and came back an hour later with a smile on her face.

Source: Kristi, Jan 3, 2005
by Kristi January 04, 2005

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1. has the best fucking slurpees in the world
2. place to go when stoned off your ass
"damn i got the fucking munchies, lets go to 7-11!
by kristi February 21, 2003

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Abbreaviation of Philidelphia. The best city ever. They have kewl shopping and an awesome arcade(Dave&Busters).There's good food too.
Yall who hate Philly suck!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kristi August 31, 2004

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mountain lakes is in new jersey not new york, dumb ass
mountain lakes, new jersey
by kristi April 05, 2005

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Combination of wimp and pussy.
He wouldn't go talk to the girl, what a wus.
by Kristi August 15, 2004

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confused but in a cuter way
im am very confuzzeled. :(
by kristi October 30, 2004

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