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Seminal fluid that is excreted from the urethra as a woman reaches the orgasm stage from masturbation or sex; not to be confused with urine, which excretes waste, while this is a clear/milky color
As Susan reached her orgasm, she released a clear liquid. She thought it was urine, but her boyfriend informed her it was female ejaculation.
by theflowrqueen July 18, 2017
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She's shy at first, yet will open up as you become friendlier. She may have a dark past and doesn't express her feelings well, so be careful with certain topics. She can be a real softie at times, and a badass at others.

She loves making new friends, yet isn't really sociable so she never makes any. She's quite smart, and cool too.

She's unique, in more ways than one. Her name is MelodIE not MelodY. That's pretty cool.
"Man, Melodie is quiet, yeah?"
"Yeah, but she's pretty cool as a friend."
by theflowrqueen March 13, 2017
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