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To go broke in a poker game.
This word was coined by Phil Laak (the unabomber)back in the day when Lucky Chances Casino had a 10/20 NL HE game that
would go around the clock three days a week.
WTF P.O.S. hand could you have had there to get yourself
felted again?
by RAZEit April 01, 2007
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To lose all your chips in a poker game.
Dang, MaxRake felted my ass again!
by MaxRake June 01, 2005
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(verb) A slang term originated by Phil (The Unabomber) Laak that means one has lost all of their chips at a poker table, hence the broke player is left with only the felt table top in front of them.
Phil was chip leader, and felted Antonio when Antonio put all of his chips in with two pair vs Phil's full house.
by SavagePenguin February 06, 2010
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1. Derived from poker slang, it means one is completely down on his luck. No money, no love-life, nothing. Bottom of the barrel. Nothing to live for.

2. To get injured badly or killed, usually in an unlucky accident.
I'm trying to pay my bills, but it's tough when you're felted.

Did you hear? Rom got felted by a school bus this morning.
by fred vegas March 07, 2009
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